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Starting Triking - $29.95 (30 min.)
  Freedom to Fly Ultralight Powered Hang Gliders

Produced by Paul Hamilton of Adventure Videos

Available in NTSC and PAL versions
Awarded the "Outstanding Media Award" by the USUA!

Starting Triking, Freedom to Fly Ultralight Powered Hang Gliders is an introduction to flying trikes. It shows what to expect from first triking lessons and explains basic concepts the students will need from their first flight with an instructor to their first solo. Filmed at the Arlington Air Show in Washington State, Monument Valley and Hawaii, Starting Triking covers a first scenic lesson experience and moves through a couple of flights to ultimately present expert pilots demonstrating advanced techniques, all with spectacular in-air footage and great soundtrack.

Students will find this product extremely useful during their learning experience to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to safe flying. Instructors will find Starting Triking is a great teaching tool and introduction to the sport.



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