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Towing Aloft $29.95

This book is for hang glider, paraglider and ultralight sailplane pilots or for ultralight pilots who wish to aerotow hang gliders.

TOWING ALOFT includes:

  • Towing equipment
  • Towing rigs
  • Payout winch
  • Stationary winch
  • Static line towing
  • Aerotowing
  • Boat towing
  • Checklists
  • Safety requirements
  • Operating tow systems
  • Launching, climbing, releasing on tow
  • Flying tugs
  • Maximizing tows
  • Airport operations
  • Emergency procedures
  • ...and much more!

8 1/2 x 11 format, 384 pages, four-color cover, 173 photos, 163 illustrations

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Co-authored by Dennis Pagen and Bill Bryden, TOWING ALOFT is the fruit of 20 years of towing practice and 2 years of intensive research on all the towing techniques practiced in the U.S. and other countries. All the latest towing methods are covered from the pilot's and from the tow operator's point of view.

Beside actual towing skills, we have covered towing equipment, safe procedures and special chapters on launching and climbing on tow with all the different methods described in the book. The material is enhanced by Safety Tips, Pro Tips, and special Caution notes where necessary. There are a total of 10 chapters divided in three parts: Towing Systems and Equipment, Surface Towing and Aerotowing. Separate sections cover hang gliders, paragliders and ultralight sailplanes where the techniques differ. Consult Towing Aloft's Table of contents to see how complete this manual is.

A special section on towing tandem, special notes to the student learning to fly while towing and safety recommendations make it a great text for new pilots as well. This book is a great tool for pilots learning to fly with the aid of towing.


If you haven't towed yet, chances are you will sometime soon in your flying career as towing is becoming increasingly popular in the flats and the mountains alike. If towing is your mean of learning to fly, Towing Aloft will provide a complete understanding of the specifics towing brings in your learning experience and will make an excellent companion book to Hang Gliding Training Manual.


Towing Aloft retails for $29.95. Don't miss this chance to expand your knowledge and purchase what will soon become the standard text on towing. Get this book from your dealer or use our order form.



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