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So you want to get into ultralight sport aviation. Whether it's powered or unpowered, the first priority is to become thoroughly trained. No government regulations require it, but the sport is littered with dropouts who either shortchanged their training or tried to go it alone. Injury or frustration usually cuts things short.

What is Safer?

They all appear to be about the same albeit with far different types of risks.

In free flying, the U.S. Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association tracks accidents and finds there no discernable difference between those two sports. The U.S. Ultralight Association represents powered ultralight flying. The U.S. Powered Paragliding Association, which represents Powered Paragliding, finds their accident rate to be slightly less than free flying.

Pilots have roughly the same fatal accident rate as motorcyclists but have more control over their fate. It's rarely "the other guy" in flying.

How Do I Get Started?

Find someone you trust and ask questions. Start with good information and, we're biased of course, but Dennis Pagen has been a respected author of varied ultralight books and articles for years. These materials are a good place to begin.

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