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Higher Perspective Wheels
Mounting Instructions

The HIGH PERSPECTIVE WHEELS have internal bushings to fit 1 1/8 inch control bars perfectly. Use a length of PVC tubing as a spacer outside the wheel and a short length inside the wheel as a stop so the wheels don't migrate while they are rolling. PVC does not come in 1 1/8'' inside diameter. therefore you must cut the PVC lengthwise to fit it on the base tube. a bit of duct tape of fiberglass tape around the PVC and next to the stop will keep the wheels properly positioned.

If your base tube diameter is smaller than 1 1/8'', a short 1 1/8'' sleeve should be used. If it is larger than 1 1/8'', file or bore the bushings to size. The bushings may be pushed out of the wheel for this purpose.

Note that frequent hard landings may bend the base tube. You can prevent this by inserting a full length sleeve inside the base tube. Do not use less than full length sleeves unless you bevel their edges very carefully to prevent their cutting into the base tube.



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